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  House Rules

1. Applicant is responsible for reading all information and for complying with all rules and regulations.

2. The individual signing the Rental Application and Agreement personally guarantees the obligations of the organization or group using the Venue.

3. Alcohol must be consumed within the Venue, underage drinking is not allowed.

4.No animals, except service dogs, are allowed in the Venue facility.

5. No smoking or use of Electronic Cigarettes are allowed in or around the facility. State Law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of public entrances.

6. On the date of the event, the Venue will be opened and closed by a representative of the ParTee House. The ParTee House representative shall have access to the facility at all times.

7. The ParTee House staff may photograph or videotape all attendees, including minor children and the ParTee House may use such photographs or videotapes to promote the venue. All photos and videotapes will remain the property of the ParTee House.

8. The number of persons in the facility shall not exceed that number which is posted designating occupant load. Facility occupant levels are no more than 150 people

9. Noise levels within the Venue must not violate applicable City ordinances.

10. Dance wax, cornstarch, birdseed, confetti, glitter, rice, straw, sand, bubbles, fog, smoke, and similar materials are not allowed; if used, damage fees will be charged.

11. Table decorations and free-standing decorations are allowed. No decorations may be placed on the walls unless adhered with blue painters tape.

12. Absolutely no Illegal activity will be tolerated at the ParTee House. This includes but is not limited to illegal drugs, gambling, etc.

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